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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "Cloud Computing" and "SaaS"?

SaaS stands for "software-as-a-service" which means the software system is being hosted by your service provider, generally supported by a monthly or yearly subscription fee. "Cloud computing" generally refers to deploying groups of remote servers and software networks that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources. There are various types of cloud systems however for systems like RedArrowOnline are public cloud system accessible from anywhere you have internet access.

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Why should I consider SaaS or Cloud software over locally installed software?

Thousands of companies including most Fortune 500 companies use SaaS or cloud software today. The most frequently cited benefits of cloud based software are:
  • Reduced IT burden – Traditional problems with installation, updates, data backup, operating system (Vista/Windows 7 etc) incompatibilities, networking, managing servers, and maintaining internet bandwidth go away with the SaaS/Cloud computing.
  • Economical - There is no large upfront software license fee barrier and ongoing costs are easier to anticipate.
  • Reliability – Most SaaS/Cloud applications are typically hosted in datacenters that offer 99.9% or better uptimes.
  • Disaster Recovery – In the event your local office experiences fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc., your data is safe and you can continue operations from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Enhancements - Product enhancements can be made instantly available to you.
  • Faster implementations
  • Accessibility – since the software lives online, you can access it from anywhere you have internet access and from any browser supportive device.
  • Competitive Advantage – If your providing services as a TPA/MRO, background check provider etc, then you'll inevitably find yourself competing against larger organization with lots of money to spend on technology. Cloud computing can help you provide highly sought after features such as client web portals, or expand your services with drug testing or background checks more easily.
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How can I be assured my data will be safe?

Since your information is stored with us, we are responsible for providing the best security possible for your data. Our state-of-the-art SSAE 16 Type II Certified data centers meet industry compliance standards required for hosted applications.

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What are the key differences between Assistant/Assistant Pro and RedArrowOnline?

Platform: RedArrowOnline is fully web-based whereas Assistant Pro was "PC-based". This difference has numerous implications such as:
  • Platform: RedArrowOnline is a fully web-based system accessible from anywhere you have an interent connection whereas Assistant/Pro was installed locally on users PCs.
  • Security: We host your data in our secure datacenter ( and back up your data automatically.
  • Compatibility: Our clients will no longer have issues with updating to new Windows operating systems and no longer need to have IT staff on hand to maintain Access or SQL databases.
  • Updates: Enhancements and bug fixes will have quicker turnaround times. Whereas Assistant Pro may have received one update per year, RedArrowOnline will likely be updated every two-three months with enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Results importing is fully automated. There is no longer a need to click the everitest (send/receive) button as results automatically enter your system and go to the appropriate areas. Results with "exceptions" can still be addressed. The interface is allows for more efficient processing and is far more user friendly.

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FormFox integration:

  • Test ordering – Test can be ordered through RedArrowOnline or the client web portal for collection at a designated (or any) FormFox enabled collection site. Collection site locating: Locate collection sites by proximity, zip code, city etc.
  • Authorization forms: Print collection authorization forms.
  • Real-time collection status updates.
  • Ability to receive POCT test results initiated in FormFox

Much more to come!

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Can RedArrowOnline be customized to display my logo on reports or on the web?

Yes. Your logo can be imported into the software for reports and for display on the client web portal. The client web portal can also display similar colors as your marketing website.

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Is your random selection DOT approved or court defensible?

Yes. It meets DOT criteria for random selection and has been authenticated by third party audit.

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How do I sign up for RedArrowOnline?

The best way to get started is to sign up for the free 30 day trial and contact a sales representative to talk about your organization's specific needs.

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How can I update my credit card number?

Please contact our accounting department directly at 800.647.9070. with your information.

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How can I change my billing contact and/or address information?

Please contact our accounting department directly at 800.647.9070 with your information.

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What is your billing policy? bills for your subscription service in advance of your service period. The amount you are billed is based on 1) your base subscription level 2) the number of any additional administrative user seats you've added and 3) fees for optional modules. The initial invoice date begins for the month following your initial 30 day free trial period. Payment is due on the first day of the service period.

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What is your policy for reducing or cancelling?

Per our Master Subscription Agreement, you can only reduce or cancel once you have reached the initial term of your agreement.

Except as otherwise specified in the applicable Order Form, all User subscriptions shall automatically renew for additional month of service. Customers must provide written notice of cancellation or reduction at least 30 days before their contract auto-renewal date.

Please submit requests to cancel to us at

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What do I do if my credit card has been declined?

We will make two attempts to charge your credit card. If your card is declined we'll contact you to obtain an alternate method of payment. If we cannot resolve payment within 30 days of the current month's subscription period your account may be suspended under the terms of our Master Subscription Agreement.

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What do I do if my account is suspended?

If your account is suspended, please contact our Customer Service Department or accounting department at 800.647.9070.

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What is your tax policy?

We will charge you sales tax if your local Tax Board deems us a taxable service.

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How can I remit payment?

Please contact our accounting department at 800.647.9070

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